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The Housing Initiative of Joe Garner Consulting

is an affordable, community led housing initiative created to work with likeminded people to deliver change to the way we deliver new and regenerative housing.

My ambition is to deliver as many new, regenerated and environmentally friendly and affordable homes as I possibly can, in any way I can. It pains me to see so many empty buildings, so many poor quality homes and such a large number of people without a home, in temporary accommodation and / or homeless in the UK.

We need planning reform to make it easier to build the homes we desperately need and an incentive for developers and house builders to do so
. It is not okay that we have sub-standard living accommodation, it is not okay that we have an archaic planning system that can stifle development and it is not okay that we aren't doing anything about it.

"Its time to change the narrative on housing.  Together we can ensure every man, woman and child has a safe, warm place to call home"


Looking for my next opportunity to make a change. 

This is me

I believe that everyone deserves a safe place to live and call home.  Somewhere warm, comfortable and protected. 


We don't have enough homes in the UK and many of the homes we do have are old, cold and unfit for purpose.

My aim is to ensure that as many new, warm, sustainable and safe homes are built in the UK as is humanly possible whilst simultaneously removing as many old, cold out of date houses in the process.


Our network ranges from housing associations through local authorities, central government and the private sector.


We have the skills, we have the land, we have the finance and we have the desire to build new, warm and safe homes so every man, woman and child has somewhere to live.

Development Strategy  Creator 
Project Management 

 Presentation   Mainstream Media

Collaboration    Construction Planning Creative Initiatives


I create, collaborate with and manage housing initiatives to provide new, sustainable and affordable homes

In the UK we have close to 100,000 households in temporary accommodation.  This equates to over 120,000 children without a permanent place to call home.

We need to build over 300,000 homes a year for the next 15 years in the UK to meet the backlog and future needs for a growing population.  

Our aim is to help in any way we can to make sure as many new, affordable and sustainable homes are built as possible so everyone has somewhere warm and safe that they can call home.

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